Make A Wish Ring

£75.00 £150.00
When wearing our 'Make A Wish' ring, all your dreams will align. This ring will help you to focus on manifesting your future, embrace your independence and allow you to go after what you want. Wear with our 'Cosmic Energy' necklace and 'Wink If You Are Happy' ring for the ultimate Celeste Starre trio that will make all your wishes come true.
  • 18k gold plated ring
  • Chunky, square ring with '11:11' engraved in the centre
  • Other materials include; brass and CZ stone
  • Sizes: UK L / US 6 (1.7cm diameter), UK O / US 7 (1.8cm diameter)
  • Band Width: 0.65cm
  • Detail Diameter: 1.5cm