After The Storm Necklace

Step into the enchanting aftermath with our 'After The Storm Necklace,' a dazzling ensemble of gold-plated brilliance. Adorned with green aventurine beads and adorned with whimsical charms including a rainbow, cloud, lightning bolt, and evil eye, this necklace captures the essence of renewal and resilience. Crafted with brass, each charm tells a tale of overcoming adversity and embracing the beauty of life's tempests. Wear it as a reminder that after every storm, there's a rainbow waiting to shine, and every dark cloud carries the promise of silver linings.
  • 18k recycled gold plated necklace
  • Green aventurine bead necklace with rainbow, cloud and lightning bolt and evil eye charms
  • Other materials include; brass, mother of pearl, CZ stone and green aventurine
  • Chain Length: 41cm
  • Bead Size: 0.4cm
  • Charm Widths: 1.2cm, 1.25cm, 1cm